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ATM/Debit Card

This card allows you to access your available funds at the credit union. When used as an ATM card, you can use any Automated Teller Machine that displays the STAR, Visa, or CIRRUS logo to check your account balance and withdraw or transfer funds. You can use ATMs within the CO-OP or MoneyPass Network to access your funds without a fee. When used as a debit card, you can complete transactions anywhere Visa is accepted. Funds will be withdrawn from your credit union share draft account to cover the amount of the purchase, and you can even use the “cash back” option when a visit to the ATM isn’t convenient.

CECU does not charge you for the use of the ATM/Debit card, nor will we charge you for ordering a replacement card in the event that it is lost or stolen. If you have any questions, contact Dawn Ellis toll free at (888) 897-2323, or email her at Dawn.Ellis@cecuonline.org.

For a list of surcharge-free ATM locations, use our branch and ATM locator.

If your ATM/Debit Card is lost or stolen after hours, call (800) 528-2273.

MobiMoney Visa Alerts

MobiMoney is a mobile app that allows you access to your CECU debit card information on the go. You can access your purchase history, remote controls, card-related alerts, balance inquiry, and move money between cards and linked accounts. Watch this quick video to learn more.