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Signature Loans & Overdraft Protection

Personal Line Of Credit

A personal line of credit from CECU gives you affordable flexibility. Apply to establish your credit limit, then use the funds as needed and repay (and replenish your available balance) just like a credit card. It’s a great way to consolidate other debt into one low monthly payment.

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Adjustable Rate Line of Credit

Borrowing money has never been easier with our personal line of credit.  Use the funds for whatever you want.  Consolidate your credit card bills, pay back-to-school expenses, buy a new lawn tractor, book a vacation or get elective surgery.  Once we’ve approved your application and credit limit, you can take an advance any time you like.  Just contact us, and we’ll cut you a check or transfer the funds to your CECU account.  Interest is charged only on the outstanding loan balance.  You’ll pay a low adjustable interest rate.  Rates can adjust in January of each calendar year.

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Signature Loans

When you need extra cash, but don’t have available collateral, you can still secure money you need through a Signature Line of Credit through CECU. Qualified members can receive funds with just their signature. Contact a CECU Loan Officer at (573) 415-2220 or toll free (888) 897-2323 to get the full details.

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Overdraft Protection

CECU understands that our members sometimes make mistakes. That’s why we offer Overdraft Protection! Qualified members won’t have to worry about the vendor fees and embarrassment that come with bounced checks.  Contact the credit union at (573) 415-2220 or toll free (888) 897-2323 to inquire about this courtesy service.

Debt Protection Coverage

Available on all signature loans.  Visit our Additional Protection page to learn more.