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Beware of Holiday Scams

Along with the holiday season comes a propensity for fraud. CECU would like to take this opportunity to remind our members to be on the look out for suspicious activity.

If you receive a phone call from CECU that seems questionable, we recommend that you hang up and call us back at a number you know is valid. Caller ID names and numbers can be misleading. Typical fraud calls try to instill panic (forcing you to act quickly) and reveal personal or account information.

CECU representatives will never ask you for your:
• Full social security number
• Online password
• Full card number

You may notice our phone representatives asking you more and different questions than normal to verify your identity. We will attempt to ask verification questions that contain information not easily found via public sources. We recommend that members contact us to put a "password" on their account. This could be your dog's name, where you went to school or the make and model of your first car. We can ask for this in place of information fraudsters might easily obtain.

We also ask that all members be diligent in reviewing your account information. If you have a withdrawal that is not yours, CECU can help you when we are notified in a timely manner. As always, CECU will do all we can to protect member information.