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Items for Sale

Joe G. Dillard Announces a Heaping Helping of a Book!
Announcing the recently published, “The Blue Mound Chronicles: Stories and History of a Small Missouri Town.”

Grab a copy and be treated to a large delicious slice of rural life, just as it was dished out in the mid-1880s and the mid-1930s. It happened in the small hamlet of Blue Mound, Missouri, located 12 miles south of Chillicothe, and one mile north of the Carroll County line on Route Z.

The authors carefully researched and report on the early settlers, schools, businesses, and even the cemetery of the area. Savor the interviews with former residents about everyday living, plus the many unusual and funny things that happened to them.

An “Events” chapter spices up the book with tales of many unique happenings that occurred in and around the area, including murders, mysteries, fake news, robberies, feats of strength, etc.

A special bonus section, entitled, “Wayne Powers’ Choice: Love over Country”, doles out for the first time “The Rest of the Story” about a former “Mounder” who fell in love in France during WWII, and never returned to the USA.

All of this, and more, is in the “Chronicles” a 190-page action packed story that you will want to read and share with others.  You don’t have to be from Blue Mound, Hale, or even from Missouri, to bite into the tales and stories that Joe G. Dillard, Brock Jones, Gary Maberry, and Jerry R. Stephens have put on the plate for you.

You can have a copy mailed to you, or a friend (good Christmas gift!), for $17.95 (shipping and handling included) along with a mailing address (if it isn’t on the check) to: Joe G. Dillard, 3535 West Arbor Way, Columbia, MO 65203. Expect delivery within two weeks.